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"for dreamers in any generation"


Going into this project, I really wanted to make sure that I stayed true to the brand of Disney. Seeing how they are one of the most known and renowned companies in the world, I really wanted to focus on the things that they do successfully and pay tribute to that and to those that love Disney so much. I really wanted to make sure that this Network ID was consistent with their current and future branding, but also was still able to make people from every generation of Disney feel something.


After looking through the current advertisements that Disney+ had for their streaming platform, I thought that it would be really successful in continuing to go off of their montage styled aesthetic. Combining footage from some of their most iconic films, shows, series, etc. I composited and layered various different videos to the Disney Intro theme song.

style guide

Designed, Edited, Composited: Jeannine Mari

All footage owned and created by Disney.

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