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"the right moment can transform someone forever."


NVE Experience is an agency that works in creating digital and experiential art all based off of the principle "The Right Moment Will Transform Someone Forever." Through this advertise, I chose to highlight a moment in my life that has transformed my life forever, including something as little as listening to a song for the first time.


Have you ever heard a song that just caught your attention?

Like while studying in a coffee shop or while shopping at your favorite store?

Suddenly you catch yourself pulling up the lyrics on your phone to find it

Later that night, you’re sitting in your room and you finally get the chance to put those headphones in and truly listen.

experience the beats, notes, lyrics.

And then of course, it’s the only thing you can listen to, all day every day. It’s the best song ever.

From there, you have to go see it live, so you look up where the next show is, you buy the tickets, you wait for months, you plan the day, you finally pull up to the concert and you hear the beginning beats to the song you have loved for months now.

Then you cannot stand it, you’ve over done it, it’s over.

Then years pass, you’re back studying at a coffee shop and then you remember…

One moment…

The right moment can transform someone forever.

Designed, Created, Animated: Jeannine Mari

Audio: Lover Boy by Phum Viphurit

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