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The Thing About Love || Perspective


The thing about love is that it is everywhere. It surrounds the world just like air. And the world and life that we live makes it easy for us to fall in love. Whether it may be with something that you like to do or something that brings you joy, falling in love is easy.

And on June 30th, 2014 I fell in love. I never expected to see myself in that point in my life. For someone so young and clueless about how most of the world worked, it was crazy to me to think that I found something so unique and special in my life. There's a saying out there that "the best things in life are the things that you never expect", and that statement couldn't be more true. When you allow yourself to just go through the motions of life, it's crazy to see where you might end up. It's honestly a beautiful process that makes the mysteries of life so much more intriguing.

To me, love is never ending sacrifice and never giving up, no matter how hard things may be. Love is about growing and building each other up to become the people you were always destined to be. And everything that I believed it was, is what happened to me. My love story is quite unique and is definitely helped me grow to be the person I am today.

My love story begins quite early than most of you would think. From the first time we talked, I could tell that there was just something special about him. I could just feel it. You know that feeling that you get when you just know that something or someone is going to impact your life? Well, that's what happened to me. I knew right away both in my mind and in my heart, that this person would change my world, especially for the better.

I've known him for all my life, but I believe that we weren't supposed to crossroads until that random Thursday night on a bus talking about two people who meant a lot to us. It's crazy how when you look back on situations and you realize the small things that can bring two incredible people together. And from there, August 9, 2012, my life was changed forever. And what's even crazier was that I didn't even know what was coming for me.

I find it amazing how quickly everything went from there. He slowly started popping up more and more in my life. From texting everyday to the small memories we would continue to make. To be honest with you, when I first met him, the idea of us being together didn't even cross my mind. What I saw, the first time I shared a moment with him was the idea of living an amazing life with him, an amazing friendship with him. I wanted him to be my best friend. And I got exactly what I wanted and even more.

November 2-4, 2012 - It was a weekend to the beginning of a beautiful friendship. When I look back and think of this weekend I got to spend with him, it reminds of the person who I want to be and a person who was so sure of what they wanted. The times and memories we made will never ever be forgotten because I believe that that was the weekend he changed my life. If I had to pin one day to spend with him for the rest of my life, I think it would be then.

Fast forward to November 17, 2012. It was the first time someone ever brought up the idea of us even being together. Apparently, both me and him were too oblivious to what was actually going on between us. It's kind of funny how ironic the whole situation is now. Because the person that began this crazy adventure is actually someone who probably wishes we never got together in the first place. That day we were playing cards, it was awesome. I don't think I have ever laughed and had so much pure fun before. And I remember someone saying "Hey, you, we have to go. You can play cards with your girlfriend another time. Say goodbye." And that's that. That was the start to one crazy adventure.

From there, we began to grow to be the best friends I knew we were destined to be. A year of one amazing friendship, a year of love between two best friends. And then of course, slowly but surely, what some people might call fate, brought the two of our hearts together. I can't even remember how fast it all went. I just remember being at Disneyland on June 30, 2014 and somehow our hands magically coming together. It was the craziest thing because both of us had NO IDEA what the heck was going on. And from there, it was just long nights talking and becoming the generic couple that everyone else saw coming.

The roller coaster began the next day when we had to figure out between wanting more than just the best friendship that we had. Of course, nothing great, in fact, nothing at all in life comes easy. So as usual, the struggles of fighting for us began. Problems arose between us, between our families, between possibly everything. The fight to bring our two hearts together started. It was a war, literally. We faced a lot of struggles that always tested our strength and our love, both as best friends and as significant others. Both of us made mistakes that would hurt each other and the other people in our lives.

But in the end, after so much struggling and trying to figure out what we were going to do with the feelings that were in our hearts, we found a way to be together, to be the us that we were meant to be. We dated for a really long time, longer than we told most people. To be honest, at the start of all this, this hidden love, we just wanted to see if we could be who we wanted to be, on our own terms. Not with people up our butt about it because all we wanted was for us to be us. We wanted the simplicity of it. We wanted the love.

Now, the thing about hidden love is that it is absolutely nothing like how it is in the movies. It is so much worse than they make it out to be and trust me, I experienced it first hand. Hiding the love you have for someone is possibly one of the hardest things someone could ever do. But in the end, when you’re able to show that love. It is so worth it. And for us, after one year of all struggle and fighting, we found a way to make it all work out.

And of course, don’t get me wrong. In the face of all the struggling and what not, we were able to share so many amazing moments. Things like our first kiss and our first real date. All of it was quite magical. All of the little adventures that we went on are really what made everything okay. These days that we spent are really what made all of this worth it. Because as we continued to make these memories, go out on adventures, and find the people we could be together we grew more and more in love.

And on February 16, 2015, we found the way to make it work. This is one of my favorite days I have ever lived. That day he was a little extra excited to see me. We hung out with all our friends that day. And that night we ended up sitting in a car with just us two, watching our friends play basketball. That day he was extra nervous and extra awkward, but besides all that, that was the day that I remember seeing him look at me the way no one has ever looked at me before. That was the day he told me we could put an end to our hidden love and start sharing it with the rest of the world.

From there on, it was the typical out in the open couple stuff. First “official” date, done. The talks with both of our families, done. Everything was finally falling into place for us. In fact, at that point in my life, life never seemed more perfect. I experienced some of my greatest moments of my life. In fact, my most favorite day that I ever lived was on March 10, 2014. Why is that my favorite day you may ask? Well, that was the day that for the first time in my life someone told me that they were IN love with me. I remember getting that call in the car and crying because I was in love with him too. Four days later, we became official and experienced a little over a month of just pure love.

But in my life, it’s always more struggle than fun. And on April 25, 2015 the world that I thought was perfect, fell apart. I can’t go into too much detail, but that was the day that I lost quite possibly, one of the most important things in my life. A month later, we broke up, not really our choice, but it was what had to be apparently. I guess the one thing that I am truly thankful for out of all this, is that the best friendship that we had remained, even to this day.

I think about him a lot. What we used to be, what we could’ve been (both together and not). I think about the people we were compared to the people we are now. I know, both in my mind and in my heart, that there’s something special about us. How in a sense, what we share is immortal. I say that because even to this day, what we have has not died.

We aren’t allowed to talk much right now, but I know that one day, just like that random Thursday night, our roads will cross again, and we can continue to be the best friends we were meant to be. I have faith in that. I am always wishing the best for him, praying for him. I know that without a doubt that he is going to do amazing things with his life and become the man that he was destined to be. Because in the face of struggle and hardship, he goes about with grace, faith, strength, and love. I will always remember him and all the amazing times I have shared with him. I wish for him nothing but the best and I am always rooting for him.

I share this story as a way to bring peace and to show that love is everlasting. No matter what you go through or experience, love between two people (friends or more), can last if you truly have faith and believe. I know one day, all of this will have had a purpose and it will all make sense. But for now, I am going to continue to work on me just like I promised him. I am excited for the day that we get to be us again. Not the us when we were together, but the us on that Thursday night on that bus talking and creating the bestest friendship I have and ever will experience.

If you’re in my shoes or understand how it is to struggle in love, just know that you should fight. Because it’s true, great things in life never come easy, and so fight for what you believe and have faith and trust that everything will be okay. Everything happens for a reason, and even though falling in love is easy, the fight to keep it is a lot harder than you might think. So have the strength to fight, because trust me, in the end it will all be worth it.

-- Unseen

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