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Love Yourz || Perspective x Tribute x 2016 Send-off

"There's no such thing as a life that's better than yourz." - J. Cole


As I go off into the new year, I would like to end this year by writing a tribute to 2016 and to the person that impacted and changed me the most. I experienced and learned so many things that both helped me grow and become the woman of God I am seeking to be. So here is to 2016 and all the adventures that it took me on. And here is to you, my loving friend, brother, and family - Christopher Carandang.

For those of you who do not know, 2015 was a very hard year for me. Personally, I believe that 2015 was the year that I truly lost myself - who I was, what I represented, who I wanted to be. And because of that, I promised myself that going into the new year I was going to start a new and work towards finding myself and becoming the woman of God I was meant to be. I really was trying to go back to my roots and find a new perspective on my life.

And within this past year, I am more than happy to say that I learned a lot about who I am and the person I want to become. I found that new perspective on many aspects of my life and grew tremendously and this is all because of my amazing friend and brother, Chris.

Chris is my sister’s best friend and this year on July 7, 2016 he passed away to a very harsh and rare kind of brain cancer. Seeing the pain that it caused my sister, my friends, family, and myself - it really made me begin to think and realize all the things that are truly important in life. Things like family, friends, school, loved ones... It really got me to put things into that new perspective that I was seeking for so long. Losing Chris made me realize how (although cliche) life is short and we have to take every moment and everyone we have and appreciate them with all that we got.

Chris taught me how to stay strong even in the darkest moments in life and that you should always show the people you love and care about how much they mean to you. He taught me what it means to really live. Not just be alive breathing, but to TRULY LIVE out each day and not waste any minute of it. Through all the struggles and hardships he faced, he never failed to stay strong and continue to impact and make everyone else in his life happy.

Chris was the person that changed me and made me the woman I am today and I can honestly say that without him and all the things that he taught me I would not be where I am and as strong as I am. I could not be more thankful to have had someone like him in my life. I praise and thank God that I was able to know someone as awesome as him and I thank God for allowing Chris to teach me what is really important.

Because of Chris I was able to learn and find those things that I was desperately seeking for for so long and it is because of him that I was able to broaden my horizons and grow into the person I am today. Through Chris, I was able to take more chances, heal, and find the things that matter the most to me and show them love. It may have been a very a trying year, but I am glad to say that, with Chris’ help, I was able to succeed through all the chaos.

And now, I am more than happy to say that for me, 2016 was the year I was BLESSED. (Now of course, I have been blessed all the other years of my life, but this year was extra special) I say this because this year, not only was I able to find myself and grow, but I have become a happier and better me. I have been blessed with another community that helps strengthen my relationship with God and with my friends and family that mean the most to me and for that I am forever thankful. I have learned so many things that have made me a better woman of God. Things like learning what it means to truly serve Him and how the best way of loving God is through radiating His truth. Not only that, but this was the year that I also have worked harder than I ever have. I was able to find the direction for my future and what I want to be and I am extremely happy to say that I have been blessed with my next step to help me get closer to my future. 2016 has blessed me with so many things and more and I am happy with how everything unfolded. And now, I am even more excited for all the adventures and blessings that the new year has to offer.

And so, as I say goodbye to 2016 and say hello to the new year, I would just like to thank everyone that has impacted, supported, and helped me this past year. Thank you for always standing by me and being there for me. There are not enough words to describe how much I love and appreciate you. You guys are truly my friends for life, my family, and I could not have asked for anyone better to stick by me and run with me on this journey. It is like what Chris and J. Cole always say “There's no such thing as a life that’s better than yourz. Love Yourz.”

I love you all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Much love.

-- Unseen

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