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Tell Me You Love Me || Perspective

“I love you.” “I’m sorry.” “Forgive me.” “I care about you.”

In the world that we live in words are constantly being thrown around. Everyday people love and forgive and say things that they don’t really mean. And because of this it causes some of the most meaningful words to carry such little weight. Statements that are supposed to help a heart grow and heal don’t even have the power to affect others anymore. The things that people say hardly even matter. And I guess that’s why the statement “actions speak louder than words” became a thing. Because what people say doesn’t hold any importance anymore. No one lives up to their word.

I began writing this blog because I felt as though that I had a very unique perspective to a lot of things that go on in the world. I see, I experience, I observe, and I realized that I see things differently than the rest of society. I’ve been through a lot and if I can help even just one, than I have done enough. I talk about love, life, the things that truly matter to me, but somehow in doing all of this and going through all my struggles that even I fall astray and fail to take my own advice sometimes. And to me, I have contributed to not living up to my word and practicing all the things that I preach. And for that I am truly sorry.

But like I just pointed out, it’s so easy to give advice and so much harder to take it. Let’s just use the cliche of “it’s easier said than done”. People say things all the time. They throw around statements and words because they don’t know how to describe how they really feel. They use examples of what society deems certain situations as and use that to be the only thing that makes them understand and make sense of what they are going through. But the more and more people do this, the less and less of what situations that were once so amazing become irrelevant. Words are beginning to not matter.

I say this because of what I have been going through lately. I question everything. I question if people truly love, if they really care, if they didn’t, if it even mattered. I ask myself these things and it leads me to the thought that words really don’t mean a thing. People can tell you that they love you and then turn around and treat you like the absolute opposite. And it makes me wonder….

Am I a fool to ever believed the things that they once said to me?

Are there any decent people left in the world?

Is it even worth it?

These past couple of days I have been catching myself contemplating on whether or not things are worth it anymore. Worth the risk, worth the effort, worth the time, worth the love…. Is anything ever really worth it?

We live in a time where people say one thing and do another. Where people choose to give up. It is not a last resort, but rather the first solution to any hard problems that people face. People choose to not try. People choose to not fight anymore. The lack of effort that people choose to put into things is so apparent as I begin to grow older, wiser, and more observant. And as I continue to look to the things that are around me, it astonishes me how this is what our world has come to.

How people can look at others and see the hurt that they have caused and choose to not care. Let me tell you, one of the biggest lies that you heard growing up as a kid was that “sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can never hurt you.” Let me tell you first hand, words DO hurt. They can hurt even harder than scraping your knee or falling down. Sometimes the most pain you can cause is not even physical, but emotional. People do messed up things all the time, but that isn’t what makes people cry. What makes people cry is knowing that they can do all those things and still not care about how much they can and have hurt you.

The world is starting to be made of generations that receive everything for such little work. We do not have to try hard anymore for the greatest things in life, they always come to us. Love is given to those that simply throw it away. Money is given to those who do not put in the right amount of effort into it to get the job done. The world is beginning to slack off in everything that they do and no one cares to change that.

But the way I see it, we cannot be the ones to let this fatal perspective take over. Because let me tell you “nothing in life worth doing or even worth having is easy.” We must try. We must mean the things that we say. Because if we don’t, then is there really anything left to live for?

I wake up every morning happy and hurt and scarred, but I still choose to get up because everything in my life is a reason to stand up and try. No matter if I constantly get pushed down by the obstacles that life chooses to throw at me, there is always something worth fighting for. I have loved and I have lost. I have given everything to receive nothing in return. I have tried my best only to see that it still wasn’t good enough. But no matter how many times I may fail or get pushed down, there is always another day for me to try again and give it my all.

These past few days have not been easy. I lost. I lost in the battle of time, love, believing. And throughout these struggles, I still choose to find a reason to keep going because I know that at the end of all this is a prize much more rewarding than anything on this earth. One day I will find a love that will last, I will find it in me to have faith in others to do the right thing, I will find a strength within myself and spread that to others, I will find the will to believe others in the things that they say.

Let us be the generation that changes the status quo. Let us be the generation to give it our all without worrying about the consequences that may come. Let us live our life not being ruled by fear, but letting it drive us to keep going. Let us be bold in both what we say and what we do. Let us be the people to make our words matter. Let us be the generation to try.

So try for those that you love and tell them you love them.

I love you. I’m sorry. And I will try.

-- Unseen

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