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Thank U, Next || Perspective

As you have probably figured from my past posts, I have always been the kind of girl that has had a desire to love. Whether it was finding love within the things that I do everyday to constantly searching for someone I could share my heart with, I have had a constant infatuation with the idea of being and growing in love. At a very young age I found myself always seeking it. In everything I do, I was so driven to find the great love that God has in store for me.

And as I continued to grow up and see my friends find the love that I am so eager to have, it slowly began to take a toll on me. One by one, hearing story after story, I started to think… Well, what about me? When is my turn? Can I be next?

And now, as I sit here and write to all of you many years later, I can say that I am still playing the waiting game. I am still waiting for the next, and hopefully… the one.

I read a lot of articles and talk to other women about the struggles of being single. It is a rough journey and for some of us a very very long game. We hope, we try, we get hurt, and we wait. Over and over again. We give people chances, give our heart away even, and end up right back at square one. And as we continue to go through it, over and over again, we begin to question if it is even worth it anymore. What happened to the love that I was eager to have? Do I even have the desire within my heart anymore? What about me? Where are all the decent men? Can I be next?

It gets hard. Playing the game. Waiting. And as someone who is still in it, I can assure you that most of the time it sucks. I look back at all my experiences and I can see how all of it has led me to today. One taught me love, one taught me patience, both taught me pain. And after it all, I can look back, move forward, and happily say, “on to the next.” I not only am grateful but am confident that now I am truly ready. I have been through what I needed to in order to know how to love. And now… all I have left is to play the game.

I have to wait. I have to be patient and constantly remind myself that one day I will be next. I am ready, but maybe he is not. And I am willing to wait.

So what do I have to say to those who are in the game with me?

Do not give up. The love that you desire is out there. So what if all of your friends have found it? Yeah, it does suck that it always seems like you are getting the bitter end of the stick or that every guy is looking for a girl like you, but it is just not you. The one you are searching for is still getting ready. Everyday we are working. Me, you, them. All of us. So have fun. Learn. Love. Wait.

He’s out there. And I promise you...

He’s looking for you too.

-- Unseen

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